to get it all done is an easy-to-use project management tool helping you to achieve your goals in your career, private life & skills.
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Focus on your goals
Set your career, personal or skill goals and keep them in front of you when you plan your day to check your progress.
Be more productive
Leverage the proven Alldone system to remain calm, stay motivated and never forget anything again - even  under stress.
Collaborate better
Some things you want to achieve with your partner, team or others like you. Do them better together via Alldone.

Personal growth is the best kind of growth.

Level up your character

Similar to in a role playing game you earn experience points in Alldone when you "do things" like completing a task or writing a note. This allows you to level up your character and progress in your career. Compare yourself to your friends & colleagues and enjoy making progress every day.

Develop your personal skills

It's so easy to forget developing your self when you are in the middle of projects for work. However spending a bit of time on yourself every day should be a priority if you want to succeed in life. Alldone makes it easy to put the skills which you want to develop on the same level as the project roadmap of your work. They show up on your task list and remind you to do a few tasks for them.

Track skills for your next career step

You can also put the skills your work requires to get promoted in a project and then "log" your progress throughout the year. So next time you have that discussion with your boss you have a great list of arguments why you should get promoted.

Check analytics & statistics

Do you want to check what you have been working on? With Alldone Statistics you can do that easily.
Just select the project, timeframe or if you want to see your past done tasks, time logged or whatever your heart desires.

Earn achievements

You can be proud of yourself when you have learned Spanish 10 days in a row. You can be proud of yourself when you watered the plants every Sunday for 20 weeks. Check the tasks off and earn achievements for your profile to show them off.

Track your mood & happiness

Nothing is won in your life when you get all your tasks done but you don't enjoy what you are doing. With Alldone you can easily track your mood every day for each project and then easily track what project in your life made you happy and which one did not.

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