to get it all done is an easy-to-use project management tool helping you to achieve your goals in your career, private life & skills.
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Focus on your goals
Set your career, personal or skill goals and keep them in front of you when you plan your day to check your progress.
Be more productive
Leverage the proven Alldone system to remain calm, stay motivated and never forget anything again - even  under stress.
Collaborate better
Some things you want to achieve with your partner, team or others like you. Do them better together via Alldone.

All-in-one to get it all done

Manage your projects easily and boost your personal growth. No configuration necessary. It just works.

One central inbox to plan your day

All you need to do in one view
Keep easy overview across all your projects and its tasks & goals in one view. Easily prioritize what you want to do next.
Fully supports getting things done method
All the powerful features you expect from a modern productivity system: postpone reminder date, recurring tasks, workflows, simple sharing via link, ...
Integrated with all your other tools
Google Calendar & Google mail integration built right in and lots more integrations to come, at-mention everything directly from anywhere.

Set your personal & work goals

Links tasks to goals
You can choose to show your goals in your task list and then never lose track of the goals you are working towards. Achieve them one task at a time.
Plan & adjust roadmap
Easily put your goals on your personal or team roadmap and move things around. Including capacity planning of your whole team.
Update Progress in Percentages
Easily update progress with a simple click - just update if 20%, 40% or 100% is already done.

Perfect for quick personal  notes

Full task integration in notes
Add a task directly in your meeting or brainstorming notes - they will normally show up in your task inbox
Shareable via link & collaborative
Easily link your projects together or simply share a link to work together on a note with a colleague or friend. Still keep 100% control over note privacy.
@-mention everything
Alldone is super nicely integrated- you can @-mention not only contacts but also any other object you have created within Alldone

Build your personal network

Easily manage all stakeholders
Keep overview about who is important for which project and make notes of what you discussed with whom
See profiles of your team members
See statistics & profiles of your team members - including their skills & progress
Integrated with tasks
Easily schedule regular meetings with people you want to stay in contact via recurring tasks - e.g. meet every 3 months your colleagues

Discuss things directly in context

Automatic organization
Every object like a task, note etc. has its own chat so it is super easy to know what things are about
Focus on what matters for you
Our follow system ensures that you only get notified about the chats you are interested in
If from the discussion comes out a task, the add task button is only one click away

Personal growth is the best growth

Develop your skills
Add skills to your profile and level them up based on the experience points you get from completing tasks
Track what makes you happy
Every day answer for each of your projects how it contributes to your happiness
Earn achievements
Just like in a game earn achievements when completing certain tasks (regularly).

More awesome features

Activity Feed
See what's going on across your connected tools and in your whole team - like a news feed for work
Easily see where you have actually spend your time versus what you wanted to focus on
Search with Hotkeys
Jump to any page with a simple button press - easily find everything you have done before

Get it all done together

You can use Alldone both in Singleplayer or Multiplayer mode

If you wish invite your coworkers, family & friends - or simply join a community of people in the same situation as you

You can use Alldone in multiplayer mode and invite your coworkers, friends & family into selected projects. In addition when you pursue a goal with Alldone you will be asked if you want to join a community of people like you. If you agree, then we will match you with up to 50 other people who are in the same situation like you.

Ask  in context - don't chat mindlessly

Of course you can still ask questions and talk to other people in the community. Alldone makes it easy though to discuss directly in context about a specific task or note. This way only interested people will get notified and the context is easily clear.

See what everybody is doing via the activity feed

Alldone is built on the assumption that you actually want to do things to achieve your goals. Therefore the main screen is your task list. If you don't set your tasks private other people in the community can see your tasks and even get notified in the update feed when you do something. Therefore it's like sitting together in an office. You see what everybody is doing without having to distract everybody all the time.

Check out these use cases :)

“As a beginner in the whole productivity world i just love that Alldone is super simple to use - it's like my personal life organizer or even life operating system aka "lifeOS”"
Peter L.
Entry Product Manager (Beginner User)

1. Get rewards for every task done

Get Alldone gold & experience points every time you complete a task. Also it just feels nice to get rewarded for every completed task just like in a game when you complete a quest.

2. Follow up tasks with comments

Sometimes you have to wait for other people to get something done and then you need to follow up with them to make sure it will actually happen.
For this the follow-up feature exists. So you can have the piece of mind that no task is left behind. Just keep pressed on the "done" checkbox to activate the popup.

3. Directly add a task in a note

This is probably my favorite feature and one of the reasons I am using Alldone.
Let's say you are doing meeting notes and during the meeting a task comes up. You don't want to leave the meeting note and with Alldone you can directly add the task for yourself or for somebody else inline into the meeting notes. Awesome!

4. Add personal & work goals

You want to achieve your goals. For that you need a way to write them down properly.
Alldone Goals gives you a great way to put your Goals on a timeline and then have those show up in your daily task list. This way you can keep track of the big picture and can work towards your goals every day.

5. Share simply via link

In Alldone you can share all objects just by sending the URL-link to your friends, family or colleagues.
They will be able to view the content without having to signup to Alldone - it just works.
This does not only work for notes but also for your list of goals, tasks or any other object you may have in Alldone. Enjoy! 
So basically it's like Google Docs but without forgetting it all the time to give people the correct permissions :)
“I have tried out pretty much all the other productivity tools out there and I use Alldone because it is the only tool which allows me to plan both my personal & work life all-in-one
Robert M.
Startup CEO (Advanced User)

1. Fully support empty inbox principle

The empty inbox principle basically says that every day at the end of the day your inbox needs to be zero. Alldone fully supports this across all your personal & work projects - if you want to use it. For example every morning I just go through my tasks in my daily inbox and postpone what I don't want to do today. I do the rest and then I end my workday when my inbox is empty. Never forget something again. Life can be so simple with Alldone :)

2.  Advanced features ftw!

Having advanced features can be super time-saving when working with a productivity tool. Alldone has them all: You can highlight tasks, duplicate the current screen into a new window (e.g. when you want to have one note open and write in another), you can multi-select and move several tasks at once, every object also sees backlinks pointing at them and you can at-mention not only tasks but also anything else. Amazing!

3. Calendar & Email Integration

At the end of the day a meeting i need to attend is also a task i need to do. An email i need to write is also a task. So to really bring all your tasks into one inbox Alldone supports integration with Google Mail & Google Calendar. Just see everything in one inbox.

4. Install as an app

Alldone is currently a web app but it is a PWA so you can install it on your Mac, iOS or Android phone as a PWA and even use Push Notifications.
To do this just use the "Add to your homescreen" functionality on your phone or just press the "install" button in the URL button in Chrome.

5. Hotkeys including quick-jump

You can always completely use Alldone with Hotkeys - including the ability to quickly jump between pages. Just press Option/Alt + K and then you can search and jump to a different note, task etc. - go quickly whereever you want to go!
“If more than one person decides to use Alldone in a team, this has really nice benefits as well. Achieving your goals together has never been so easy.
Daniela W.
Senior Designer (Team User)

1. Link projects  and easily switch users

You can easily see everybody's tasks - just select their user. Btw: you have always complete control about the privacy of all your tasks, notes. You can keep every object completely private for yourself or decide which other team-members should be able to see them.

2. Workflows between users w/ approval

As a manager I want to review a task once it has been done by the engineer. For this we have just established a simple workflow. Whenever the engineer ticks of the task, it will automatically show up in my task list and then i can easily review it and send it back if needed.

3. Suggested & observed tasks

When you work together you often have the situation that somebody else needs to do something - but it is really weird when you just assign a task to somebody else and somebody just finds tasks in their inbox. That's why Alldone has "suggested tasks" in which it is clearly visible for everybody from which person the task comes from. In addition you can also observe tasks for other people so you always now the status of somebody else's task in your own inbox.

4. Chat directly in context

It's easy to get overwhelmed with lots of Slack or Teams messages - especially when you are missing the context. Which task is your colleague currently talking about again?
While Slack, Whatsapp & Co is certainly better to just chat ... Alldone is great in quickly aligning on a specific thing around a task or note. So when you want to get stuff done chat directly in Alldone and don't get distracted :)

5. Activity Feed

The activity feed is like your feed in your favorite social networks - just that you don't see what your friends are doing in their private life but what your colleagues are currently working on.
Everything what is not marked as private will show up here and you can see easily what's going on in your team. It's like a permanent digital standup.
Personal growth is the best kind of growth. I want to unlock the best possible version of myself.”
Anna Alldone
AI Bot from

1. Level up your character

Similar to in a role playing game you earn experience points in Alldone when you "do things" like completing a task or writing a note. This allows you to level up your character and progress in your career. Compare yourself to your friends & colleagues and enjoy making progress every day.

2. Develop your personal skills

It's so easy to forget developing your self when you are in the middle of projects for work. However spending a bit of time on yourself every day should be a priority if you want to succeed in life. Alldone makes it easy to put the skills which you want to develop on the same level as the project roadmap of your work. They show up on your task list and remind you to do a few tasks for them.

3. Track skills for your next career step

You can also put the skills your work requires to get promoted in a project and then "log" your progress throughout the year. So next time you have that discussion with your boss you have a great list of arguments why you should get promoted.

4. Track what makes you happy

Coming soon: We will soon add a feature that will easily allow you to track every day which project makes you happy or not. This way you can easily analyze what activity contributes to your well being and which does not.

5. Earn achievements

You can be proud of yourself when you have learned Spanish 10 days in a row. You can be proud of yourself when you watered the plants every Sunday for 20 weeks. Check the tasks off and earn achievements for your profile to show them off.
“As a Freelancer i need something that sticks with me as a person and not with the company. Something that travels with me.”
Adrian M.
Engineer (Freelancer User)

1. Log time with time or points

As a freelancer you need to log your time for every company you work for to make sure you sent the right invoice at the end of the day. Alldone makes it super easy. Just log the time in the actual tasks you are working on.
You can log time or points - whatever you prefer.

2. One tool for all my projects

When you work for several companies at once it is often hard to keep an overview about what is going on. Alldone makes it super easy to be the central system where you keep everything together. Just create a project for every project you are working on and add all your tasks & notes directly where they belong to.

3. See Statistics

Do you want to check what you have been working on? With Alldone Statistics you can do that easily.
Just select the project, timeframe or if you want to see your past done tasks, time logged or whatever your heart desires.

4. Create invoices as Google Docs

I am already planning & logging my tasks with Alldone - now can I just create invoices based on my actual tasks done. No need to have an additional tool to fill in my time.
Just press on the "Create Invoice" button and a Google Doc will be created which you can freely edit it before you send it to your client.
Btw - Alldone even automatically creates a task to remind you if the invoice has already been paid.

5. Keep your personal data

As a Freelancer i need something that sticks with me as a person and not with the company. Something that travels with me. So when you move on to the next project you can keep your personal data and not lose everything in the company tools. You should build up your own unfair advantage over time!

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