AI Assistant

Georg German

Georg is an awesome German teacher who likes to bring the joy of learning to his students. His main goal is to prepare the students for the application of the language to the real world. Sometimes he even likes to make some jokes :)

You can have any conversation you want to have with him but he really is really good at the following tasks:

  • Conversation training: Pick a random topic and have a conversation about this topic with Georg. Choose your language level from A1 to C2. He will correct any mistakes you make and will teach you a thing or two about German culture.
  • Real-word scenarios role-playing: Go through real-world situations together with Georg. Order something in a restaurant or cafe, Try to get an apartment or pick any other scenario you are interested in. Georg will role-play through it together with you and help you improve in those situations.
  • Quiz me: Doing a little test is always a good way to improve understanding and long-term retention. Choose the number of questions and your language level from A1 to C2 and then answer his questions as good as you can. In the end Georg will give you his rating and will give you recommendations for next steps.

Georg speaks over 50 languages so whenever you have a question you can always just ask in your own language. Enjoy!

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