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Alldone guides are helping you step-by-step through the process to achieve your goals. It's more than a course or checklist which you view once and then forget about again. You get pre-filled tasks into Alldone so all you have to do is plan when you do what and check them off. If you have any questions you can ask the creator or people who have bought the same guide. See our guides in action here.

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Alldone guides upgrade lives

Read how some of our users were able to finally do the one important step in their life
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50+ happy customers
“I finally did it! It always seemed such a big thing to do but with the Alldone guide it was as easy as doing a few tasks every day.
Tom A.
Became a doctor in Germany in 2022
“Alldone was a lifesaver - I could not afford an agency and there was no way I could do it alone but Alldone really helped me to get it done”
Daniel G.
Emigrated to Canada in 2022

Why Alldone guides ?

The Alldone guides are complementary to existing offerings from agencies and/or books, videos & articles
No hidden fees. No surprises
Tool to actually get it all done included
Meet people in the same situation
Created by people who actually did it
Every interaction costs money
Likely so far only a paper checklist
They don't help you organize yourself
Not meeting peers in same situation
Unclear what to do in which order
Hard to know which info is good
They don't help you organize yourself
Not meeting peers in same situation

Do you have an idea for a guide ?

If you are an expert for the topic and/or recently successfully went through the same process please do reach out so we can work on a great guide together

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