to get it all done is an easy-to-use project management tool helping you to achieve your goals in your career, private life & skills.
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Focus on your goals
Set your career, personal or skill goals and keep them in front of you when you plan your day to check your progress.
Be more productive
Leverage the proven Alldone system to remain calm, stay motivated and never forget anything again - even  under stress.
Collaborate better
Some things you want to achieve with your partner, team or others like you. Do them better together via Alldone.

Get a little help from AI

Our AI Assistants are integrated into the organizer and therefore they can know the context of your tasks and your own private notes. They can help you do your tasks, they can help you connect the dots and they can coach you.

Meet Anna Alldone

Anna is the AI Assistant from, powered by the same tech from OpenAI that powers ChatGPT. Finally AI that works for you and not for your boss.

Anna helps you do your tasks. She is great in writing text, brainstorming, summarizing and so much more. Use her every day to get things all done even faster and become more productive.

Anna helps to connect the dots, e.g. she may suggest talking to your friend Paul, who worked on something similar to your current task, based on your private meeting notes from 2 years ago.

Anna coaches you
to live a happier life and achieve your goals. Just tell Anna how you want to live your life and Anna will hold you accountable and help you get there.

Always available with only one click

Sometimes you just need to ask a quick question and then it is important to get quick & easy access. Anna Alldone is always available for you with one click on the top right and gives you access to the knowledge of the whole internet. Just ask :)

Ask directly in context

When you have a question it can be annoying to explain the whole background to ChatGPT. Anna Alldone is like a coworker who has been part of the team already for a longer time. It knows all your context and can therefore help you much better & faster. Just shoot your question and Anna will directly know what you are talking about.

Save your favorite prompts

Just like in real life: If you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers. Therefore saving the right prompts is important to get the most out of working with AI. Alldone makes it super easy to save & access your favorite prompts for each project.

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