Successful Startup Founder

There are a million things you need to take care of when having your own startup. We got you!

This all-in-one Alldone workspace will give you all you need to be a great first-time founder:

  • Step-by-step guide with actionable step-by-step tasks from fundraising to managing your team
  • Exclusive AI Assistants based on the same tech ChatGPT to help you on the process - for example Constantine Contract can help you check any contract coming in
  • An easy-to-use organizer to actually get it all done. If you wish do it together with other people in the same situation like you

Do yourself a favor - you dont need to mistakes all the mistakes again. There are enough new ones :)

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We have been getting great feedback from users achieving their goals with Alldone and we want to share some them with you.
4.7 out of 5 based on 768 reviews
3000+ people
Goal: Immigrate to Canada for work
“Awesome! I needed to write a lot bureaucratic letters to the government and Alldone's AI Assistants have helped me a lot!”
Juan T.
Engineer from Colombia
Goal: Work as a doctor in Germany
“Love the step-by-step guide! There are a lot of websites & videos out there but nobody really tells you first do this and then do that”
Paul A.
Doctor from New Zealand

Alldone helps you to achieve this goal

We will personalize your own personal all-in-one workspace based on your goal
Step-by-step guide

Step-by-step: How to be a successful startup founder

Step-by-step guides helping you to be a successful startup founder from finding your great idea to having an exit

Topics include:

  • Idea generation / Find your niche
  • Market research & validation
  • Build a team / find co-founders
  • Raise venture capital / VC / Funding
  • Product Development
  • Business Model & Monetization
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finding Product Market Fit
  • Scale
  • Sell / M&A / Exit

Being a startup founder is probably the most exciting thing you can do in the business world. Just do it :)

AI Assistant

Anna Alldone

Anna is the general AI Assistant from Alldone.app, powered by the same tech from OpenAI that powers ChatGPT. You can do pretty much you could also do with ChatGPT but Anna is fully integrated in Alldone and therefore knows the context of your questions and easier to access.

AI Assistant

Barbara Bureaucracy

Our AI Assistant Barbara is really good at bureaucracy so you dont have to be.

AI Assistant

Brenda Brainstorm

Brenda is our in-house expert for all things brainstorming. Give her any topic and she will come up with lots of great ideas

AI Assistant

Carla Copywriter

Carla Copywriter is really good at copywriting - meaning writing texts to describe your product or service on a Landing page or other marketing material

AI Assistant

Constantine Contract

Constantine will give you feedback to your contracts so you make better deals

AI Assistant

Connor Consultant

Our AI Management Consultant Connor is like an experienced senior consultant who has a few years of work experience and can help you on the way.

AI Assistant

David Data Scientist

Our AI Data Scientist can make sense out of your data

AI Assistant

Derek Designer

Derek can generate images for you to use in your products & services

AI Assistant

Hannah HR

Our AI Assistant Hannah will help you get some basic HR tasks done

AI Assistant

Isabelle Invoice

Isabelle can create invoices based on your logged tasks in the organizer with one click

AI Assistant

Judy Job

Judy is an expert in getting a new job, e.g. she will help you prepare for the important Job interview situations

AI Assistant

Nicole Negotiator

Nicole will help you prepare for all kinds of negotiation situations with role-play and tips & tricks

AI Assistant

Patrick Polite

Patrick Polite is really ... polite ;) He can transform anything you actually want to say into a business friendly polite way so you dont get into trouble :)

AI Assistant

Paul Product Manager

AI Product Manager who can help you do some of your tasks for you

AI Assistant

Stella Strategic Design

Stella is our AI Strategic Designer and she is very experienced in doing user interviews and understanding the customer (aka ethnographic research).

AI Assistant

Travis Transcribe

Travis can listen to your hours of audio recording and transcribe it to written text ... and even summarize it for you!

AI Assistant

Trevor Translator

Trevor can translate from and to more than 50 languages ... and not only word by word but full PDFs or even books at once

AI Assistant

Valeria Validation

Valeria is really good at ideating & validation business & product ideas.


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