Become a German citizen

Become a German Citizen: Unlock a World of Opportunities

Choosing to become a German citizen isn't just about a passport; it's about tapping into a rich tapestry of culture and opportunities. The decision is more than administrative—it's a new chapter in life's journey.

This all-in-one Alldone workspace will give you all you need to achieve your goal:

  • Step-by-step guide with actionable step-by-step tasks to help you navigate through the jungle of German bureaucracy and great tips & tricks
  • Exclusive AI Assistants based on the same tech ChatGPT to help you out - e.g. translating for you what this letter means or even teaching you some German!
  • An easy-to-use organizer to actually get it all done. If you wish do it together with other people in the same situation like you

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Goal: Immigrate to Canada for work
“Awesome! I needed to write a lot bureaucratic letters to the government and Alldone's AI Assistants have helped me a lot!”
Juan T.
Engineer from Colombia
Goal: Work as a doctor in Germany
“Love the step-by-step guide! There are a lot of websites & videos out there but nobody really tells you first do this and then do that”
Paul A.
Doctor from New Zealand

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Step-by-step guide

How to get German citizenship

You have lived and worked in Germany for some time now and finally got annoyed about having to wait at the border in the bad queue. It's time to finally get your German citizenship for you and/or your family and become a naturalized citizen with all rights & duties. This step-by-step guide will guide you through the process easily.

  • Check requirements to become German citizen
  • Find the right authority to do the application based on where you live
  • Make an appointment with your local authority
  • Fill out the application form & send it correctly
  • Do the naturalization test ("Einbürgerungstest") successfully
  • Pay and receive the Naturalization certificate
  • First steps as a German citizen. Congrats!
AI Assistant

Anna Alldone

Anna is the general AI Assistant from Alldone.app, powered by the same tech from OpenAI that powers ChatGPT. You can do pretty much you could also do with ChatGPT but Anna is fully integrated in Alldone and therefore knows the context of your questions and easier to access.

AI Assistant

Georg German

Georg is an awesome German teacher who likes to bring the joy of learning to his students. His main goal is to prepare the students for the application of the language to the real world

AI Assistant

Barbara Bureaucracy

Our AI Assistant Barbara is really good at bureaucracy so you dont have to be.

AI Assistant

Elsa Exam

This AI Assistant can test and quiz you on any specific topic you tell her. This will help you learn a topic and help you see where you are!

AI Assistant

Trevor Translator

Trevor can translate from and to more than 50 languages ... and not only word by word but full PDFs or even books at once


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