to get it all done is an easy-to-use project management tool helping you to achieve your goals in your career, private life & skills.
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Set your career, personal or skill goals and keep them in front of you when you plan your day to check your progress.
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Leverage the proven Alldone system to remain calm, stay motivated and never forget anything again - even  under stress.
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Some things you want to achieve with your partner, team or others like you. Do them better together via Alldone.

The best place to get things done together

Alldone is the best community to focus on getting things done together instead of just talking about it.

If you wish join a community of people in the same situation as you

When you pursue a goal with Alldone you will be asked if you want to join a community of people like you. If you agree, then we will match you with up to 50 other people who are in the same situation like you. By default the tasks in this community project are visible to everybody in the project unless you mark a task or any other object as private (or simply do some things in your own private project).

Ask  in context - don't chat mindlessly

Of course you can still ask questions and talk to other people in the community. Alldone makes it easy though to discuss directly in context about a specific task or note. This way only interested people will get notified and the context is easily clear.

See what everybody is doing via the activity feed

Alldone is built on the assumption that you actually want to do things to achieve your goals. Therefore the main screen is your task list. If you don't set your tasks private other people in the community can see your tasks and even get notified in the update feed when you do something. Therefore it's like sitting together in an office. You see what everybody is doing without having to distract everybody all the time.

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