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Alldone helps you to achieve your goals in life.

Alldone gives you a pre-configured workspace to help you achieve your goal. You get actionable step-by-step guides, just the right AI Assistants  and an easy-to-use project management tool so you can actually get it all done. If you wish we also put you together in a project with other people in the same situation like you so you can help each other and stay motivated.

This little article here is a collection of tips, tricks & videos to help you get the most out of Alldone. If you have further questions or ideas please don't hesitate to write me an email at - thank you :)

General tips & tricks

  • Projects: We recommend to create new projects for every "major" thing you are working on. This way you can add the tasks, notes etc. directly in the project and you dont have to describe so much in the content what it is about. You can add a new project directly in the sidebar on the left and fill out the "add projects" line.
  • Team Members: You can use Alldone completely on your own in "Singleplayer Mode". However sometimes you work more closely with colleagues or friends/family on some projects and want to invite them into a joint project. Basically playing Alldone in "Multiplayer mode". When you do that those team members can see all the objects in that specific project unless you mark some of them as private. You can invite family, friends & colleagues by just sending them the link to the project or by adding their email in the "Invite via email" line when you click on a project.
  • Swiping: You can interact with objects by just clicking into them. Often you can also swipe left & right ... so for example on tasks swiping left will open the reminder date popup and swiping right will open the detail view.
  • Hotkeys: Try pressing ALT on Windows or Option on Mac: Alldone will show you all the hotkeys available to you. You can do almost anything with Hotkeys to be really fast with Alldone
  • Quick search with ALT/OPTION+K:  Wherever you are in Alldone - you can always press this button to launch the search. This helps you to quickly find a task, note etc. and immediately jump there
  • Share via link: Sometimes you want to share your meeting notes or a roadmap with a colleague or a friend. On Alldone you can easily do this by just copy+pasting the link from your browser and share with that person. Sometimes you also find a little "Copy link" button which makes that even easier

Tasks tips & tricks

  • Reach empty inbox every day: Alldone is heavily inspired by the Getting things done method (see here for example or here  or here ). Basically it means that 1/ whenever you want/need to do something you write it down so you dont forget it and dont waste your brain having to remember it and 2/ every morning you go through your task list and postpone everything you dont want to do today you postpone to some other day. Ideally only have that many tasks planned for a day which would fit on a piece of paper. Then during the day you try to reach empty inbox meaning all your tasks for the day are either done (or you decide to postpone them eventually). This way you really know when you have "Feierabend" (=end of work in German) - when your task inbox is empty. The other benefit is that your days kind of plan by themselves since the tasks you postponed to some other day will come back to your inbox automatically on the chosen day.
  • Reminder date instead of due date: Due to the empty inbox logic you want to set the date you want to work on a task for the task - not the final due date
  • Alldone Gold: Whenever you finish up a task, you get a little Gold. Later you will be able to buy cool stuff with it but we havent fully figured that one out yet ;) For now it's just a little immediate reward.
  • Recurring tasks: A lot of tasks have to be done regularly ... this can range from watering your plants (maybe weekly) to updating a product roadmap (e.g. every 2 weeks). That's why Alldone supports "recurring tasks". Just go to the Detail-View and click on properties. Here you can easily select how often the task should happen again. The new task will be created once the old one has been checked off as done.
  • Organizing / Sorting / Highlighting tasks: Sometimes you want to highlight certain tasks. If you want the equivalent of a text marker simply click on the task and select the highlight option. If you want to rearrange tasks just click on the "..." at the top right and select organize.

Goals tips & tricks

  • In general Goals are a great way to organize your ... Goals ;) It can be used for a product roadmap, your personal goals and/or all kinds of milestones. You can also organize things like OKRs with it.
  • Every Goal has a due date. Several goals together form a milestone which you can give a seperate name. If you want to change the date simply swipe left (or click into them). You dont need to create a new milestone first - the milestones are automatically created when you move a goal to a new date.
  • We recommend to update the Goals-Progress at least once a week. Maybe while doing a check-in with your team. Simply click on the percentage at the beginning of the line and select the new completion percentage. You can also add a comment at the same time to remember why you updated the percentage.
  • Once all Goals of a Milestone are finished (or the due date has been reached) we recommend to "close" the milestone. Simply click on the "checkbox" at the beginning of the milestone to do that. If some goals werent 100% done yet don't worry - Alldone will automatically extend those goals to the next milestone.
  • You can also choose to assign goals to contacts or yourself. If you do that the Goals will show up in your/their task lists to remind them that this goal needs to be reached :)
  • Capacity Management & Planning: You can assign capacity to goals to see if a certain sprint / milestone seems doable. You can even reduce the available capacity if you already know that certain people are on holiday or out sick.

Notes tips & tricks

  • Notes are a great way to take quick ... notes as you would expect ;) This can be meeting notes but also just a quick brainstorming etc. The Alldone Notes are not really made for full documentation with complex structure. There are more like quick Notes just like you would expect from something like Apple Notes
  • One big advantage compared to the likes of Apple Notes is that it is super easy to share and collaborate - just like with Google Docs. Simply share the link to the Note and then everybody can see them. If they are in your team they can also edit the note.
  • Another big advantage is that Notes in Alldone are fully integrated with the other features of Alldone. For example you can make "real" tasks out of every text in a note just as easy as formatting it. Just select the text and press the "Task" button in the formatting bar. Then you have a real task in your note which can be assigned to different people, have a reminder date etc. It has never been easier to assign tasks in meetings ;)
  • Add Date button: Personally I am also a big fan of the "Add date" button - for example I use it to make timestamps before i make meeting notes. I use the same note for recurring meetings and simply add a new section via the "Date button" at the top of the note to write down the latest meeting notes.
  • By the way: Every object can have a note: Simply go to the detail view and go to the Note tab. Here you can create a note directly for this object (e.g. to write down a small concept for a task etc.)
  • Recover a previous version of a note: Your notes are important. That's why whenever you edit a note Alldone makes a copy of it at the end of the day (midnight). If you want to go back to this older version just go to Properties > Recover a note and select the version you want to roll back to

Contacts tips & tricks

  • Contacts gives you a nice lightweight Personal CRM and allows you to keep track of all the important contacts of the different projects. You can use it for business projects (what was the name of the stakeholders again and who is doing what?) but you can also use it for your private life to keep track of your extended network
  • You can add some basic information to every contact and you can add the latest from your 1:1 with them or whatever news you have in the note about the contact.
  • Also backlinks can come handy here: Just click on the contact to see what other tasks or notes this person has been involved with.
  • We are also working on a little CRM feature where you can give every contact a little status. This time you can easily see who will come to your BBQ or whatever thing you are organizing :)

Chats tips & tricks

  • If you use Alldone in singleplayer mode you can use the Chat to quickly make notes about Objects - for example updating in a Goal why you changed the progress from 40% to 60%
  • If you use Alldone in Multiplayer mode (=having team members in your projects) you can discuss the tasks, notes etc. directly in context. So instead of having endless group chats in Slack or other such tools, you can comment directly in an object and then only the people who are also following the object will be notified and immediately know the context. Try it out - it's pretty awesome
  • If a task comes up in a chat you can also press the "add task" button to make sure you dont forget your task :)

Community tips & tricks

  • Communities are the way from Alldone to share templates and help with your colleagues, friends & family - but also with the greater Alldone community or the company you currently work for
  • Simply create a new community and invite the projects of the people who should have access
  • You can also publish your own notes to have templates for yourself but also for the greater Alldone Community - thank you!

Advanced General Tips

  • Duplicate current view: Sometimes you want to have 2 windows open at the same time - e.g. when you want to use one note as input for another. Instead of implementing complex features for this Alldone has chosen to just use the already existing features of the operating system for it. So press the button on the top right next to "copy link" and then a new window on the same view is being opened.
  • Install Alldone as an App: We would love to have native apps for all platforms but unfortunately currently we are only a small team and cannot (yet) afford this. But there is a good alternative which is almost as good. You can add as a "Web App" (PWA). For this simply click on the "Install" button in your desktop chrome URL bar or "Add to Homescreen" on iOS. On Android & Desktop even Push Notifications work if you enable it. On iOS we need to wait for Apple to allow it ;)
  • At-mention everything: You can press "@" pretty much everywhere and not only mention other team members but also notes, tasks etc. - just switch through the popup with the TAB key. This way you can easily cross-link to other notes / tasks etc. You can even create new objects directly in the flow - e.g. when you want to at-mention a new contact which does not even exist yet. Nice!
  • Backlinks: Every object keeps track of which other Alldone objects link back to it. So let's say you have a note which is being referenced by a lot of tasks you will see those tasks directly in the "Backlinks" tab of the Note Detail View.
  • Directly opening the edit modal: Sometimes you want to save a click and open the edit modal directly when you want to edit a note for example. For this simply click on the little symbol at the beginning of the line ... then the edit model will open instead of directly opening the detail view.
  • #Tags in List views: You can add #tags to every object name (e.g. from a task, note etc.). You can even assign certain colors to them. When you click on those tags, the current list view gets filtered to show only objects which include that tag.
  • Statistics: If you look at the Top bar you also see how many tasks have been done at the current month. You can click into it and see some more detailed statistics. You can also change there the timeframe - e.g. from the current month to the current week etc.
  • Push Notifications: When you install the PWA via Chrome on your phone, you can even use Push Notifications on your phone. Just "add to Homescreen". Currently unfortunately it does not work yet on iOS due to Apple limitations. If you ever have a problem with your push notifications please just delete the whole app from your phone and install again.  I had this problem once ;)
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