How to get German citizenship

Karsten Wysk
has helped his wife to become a German citizen
This guide contains everything you need to achieve your goal

How to get German citizenship

Guide description

You have lived and worked in Germany for some time now and finally got annoyed about having to wait at the border in the bad queue. It's time to finally get your German citizenship for you and/or your family and become a naturalized citizen with all rights & duties. This step-by-step guide will guide you through the process easily.

1. Check requirements to become German citizen

2. Find the right authority to do the application based on where you live

3. Make an appointment with your local authority

4. Fill out the application form & send it correctly

5. Do the naturalization test ("Einbürgerungstest") successfully

6. Pay and receive the Naturalization certificate

7. First steps as a German citizen. Congrats!

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Karsten Founder
Karsten Wysk
Meet the creator of the guide
I have no idea how foreigners can understand German bureaucracy without help. It's hard for me and I grew up with it!
Karsten Wysk
has helped his wife to become a German citizen

You will be able to ask questions to the creator of the guide and/or other people in the same situation as you if you have any questions.

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